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Lipizzaner Franzl
Bärndorf 8
8081 Heiligenkreuz am Waasen

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We cordially invite you to enjoy the Lipizzaner Franzl’s leisure facility with its variety of activities in combination with the excellent Styrian cuisine in the rustic restaurant. With the unique Lipizzaner breed, the local delicacies and wines, the spacious terrace, the bathing lake with drinking water quality and pedal boats, the well-arranged children’s playground, the hiking trails and Lipizzaner carriage rides and many other highlights, there is plenty of fun and variety for everyone.

Warm welcome!

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About The Event

Dear Sternfahrt participants,

we would like to warmly welcome you to the 35th Sternfahrt of our club!

The annual “Sternfahrt” of the MB /8 Club Deutschland e.V. is the official annual meeting of the club, which now has almost 600 members. Since 1989, these rallies have always taken place                in the summer in various cities and regions.

This year we are meeting for the first time in this form outside of Germany, in wonderful Styria. In the picturesque setting of the Lipizzaner Franzl in the south of the beautiful city of Graz, we will meet and spend three days together experiencing the beautiful surroundings of Styria and the distinctiveness of this region.

On average, we each drove about 700 km with our /8s to Styria. We then usually return the same route. A Mercedes-Benz W114/115 emits around 300 g of CO2/km on average. This results in approx. 400 kg of CO2 for the trip to Styria and back, per vehicle. This amount of CO2 is bound by a tree in the Latin American tropics in around 25 years.

In order to support this CO2 binding effect and to compensate for the resulting CO2 emissions, with the great help of Christian Lemke from LEMKE Assessoria and the Instituto Brasileiro de Florestas (IBF) from Brazil, we planted a tree for every registered /8.

Therefore we planted 70 trees of the local specie “paineira“. The trees were planted in the city of Pompéu, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

The GPS location is

Latitude: -19.095422

Longitude: -45.048455

On this website you will now find the corresponding photo documentation of this campaign. Each of us can thus find here a photo of his/her tree on the basis of the name tag that is on the photo, next to the tree.

We wish you that one day in the next 25 years you will get around to visiting your own tree in Brazil!

Until then, have fun and have a great time at this year’s Sternfahrt in Styria!

The organisation team of the 2022 Sternfahrt in Styria


Event Participants

The GPS location of the trees